My name is Derek Davis and I am the President of the National Association of Barber Boards of America. This site is intended to provide information on my experience, education and qualifications for this role in our industry.

Serving in this capacity is my goal in continuing my dedication to the barbering industry. The president plays an important role in maintaining the established standards and policies of the barber profession and educating members of the trade. I have dedicated 40 years of my life advocating for excellence in this arena – practicing, teaching, leading, and promoting our honorable trade.

Working together, we can maintain a level of excellence for our industry. I remain passionate about the trade and a proven leader in the industry. I am committed to maintaining a high level of education within the barbering community. I support our industry by serving on committees, participating in industry events, and promoting education, growth and value for professional barbers and the trade. My qualifications:

  1. Barbering Experience
  2. Barbering Instruction
  3. Leadership and Advocacy in Barbering Industry
  4. Education
  5. Military Experience

Taking Office

Davis and Past President Reed       Davis Delivers Address

President Davis receives gavel from former President Reed (left).
Davis delivers his Presidential address (right).

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